Sunday, April 27, 2008

Passing Jugement

"I'm not so sure why people critisize each other. Eachother's beliefs, status in the world, looks..." he said to himself as straw fell near his feet. "All of us are just trying to live... I lost a tooth when I was five and so did everyone else."

More straw fell near his feet. His wrists were rubbed raw. They hurt.

"Who am I and who are you to judge someone else? I am you, you are me, we are they, and they are us."

The straw stopped falling near his feet. He could barely look up without beginning to choke... but he managed. The stars were bright tonight, shining into his eyes and through his body and spirit which made his soul. He felt warm inside... not the type of warmth that was about to consume him but a deep warmth that moved his soul to a state of understanding.

'There's no reason for this.' he thought as the man standing in front of him spoke to the conregation. 'All I want is to live as do you... is it simply that hard?'

The man dressed in white robes threw a torch onto the straw and the pile quickly grew into a blaze. With his neck tied to the post which was dug into the ground, he stared at the stars as the fire burned his skin. The group chanted and cheered.

He wouldn't scream... he wouldn't curse... he would die...

Without a word he perished in the flames with his eyes fixed on the stars until they too were consumed by the flames and he was but ashes.

Friday, April 4, 2008

40 Years Ago

Forty years ago an amazing person was killed. Shot while on the balcony of his own home.

This person changed the history of America and was one of the most influential people to ever speak in this nations history. He would be 79 now and, more than likely, still alive.

I just wanted to let you all know that Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man who deserves everyone’s respect for what he went through to secure freedom for minorities. Please remember and love this man and pay tribute to him in one way or another. He would love it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dear Loni

Hey Loni! This blog is answering your question so here it goes:

I completey agree with your comment. All four of those conclusions could be why someone would become an aetheist. I've met different people that seem to have turned to aetheism for at least one of those reasons.

I mainly wrote the blog for why there is a God although I only went into the one example about: "How can I believe something I don't understand?"

I probably could have expanded upon why someone would choose aetheism but I was in the mode! Ya know? But I completely agree with what you said though. All four of those are reasons for why someone would choose aetheism. The most experience I've had with an aetheist is with someone close to both you and me. I've heard this person's arguement and for the most part is that he doesn't understand the entire concept. But I can tell there are some disgruntled feelings about some of the people they've met in the church and the feeling of guilt they would have when they were told they were doing something wrong. The reason I believe those reasons is that they're not looking for answers. This person just wants to ask the question.
Maybe I assume too much but that's how I see this person's position. (I still love this person to death because they've been an amazing friend. Not trying to dis on him or anything.)

So mainly, in my last blog, I was just trying to explain why there was a God and should've gone into why people would believe this instead of just giving one reason. That was my bad. Anyway...

Thanks for the comment and be sure to tell me what you think about what I said. You're awesome Loni! Glad other people than family are reading... it makes me feel better about blogging. Hehe... I love your comments mom and Summer and I'm happy you all take time out of your day to read what I've written. It means a lot to me. Love you guys! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008



I will talk about the existence of another plane of existence. A plane not controlled by mere humans but a plane controlled by a greater force. An intelligence beyond that of a human...

The law of physics is: For every action there is an opposite (action). If this is true, which scientists have proven again and again, then there must be another plane of existence. This life cannot be..."it". My reasons for this conclusion are as follows:

Dying is an action. If you’re chronically ill then it is a slow action. The heart gradually decreases it’s beats and eventually stops. If a person were to die in a car accident, the same process could take place for them to perform the action of dying but a large percentage of deaths in car accidents, the person dies very fast but it is still the action of dying. If the law stated above is indeed correct and has been proven again and again, then another action is taking place elsewhere when you die. The opposite of death of course, is living.
If our body ceases to function in this realm of existence, we’re not suddenly living in some other place on the planet after we die. We are leaving this plane of existence and entering another... Henceforth when we die, we begin living in a different realm of existence if the above law of course, is correct which, once again, has been proven over and over. This leads to the conclusion that the existence we know, is controlled, manipulated if you will, by someone or something else. This reason is supported by the fact that we, as man, are still trying to figure out the Universe. We aren’t controlling it. Man did not create another plane of existence because we hardly understand our own. We haven’t even stepped foot on Mars yet. This leads to the question: "Who or what is controlling our plane of existence?"

Clearly this being is not human, at least the definition of human as we know it. The being is beyond us all. I do not pretend to know about the other plane of existence for I have not experienced it. But I do know a few things about the existence in which I am living. If this higher being can create another plane of existence then clearly he is in control of his plane. This being must have learned control over his elements before he could have moved on to ..s for another realm. My reasoning for believing he mastered his elements are as follows:

Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor of New York, was known for busting prostitution rings. This could be said to be his trademark. He served from 2007 to recent 2008. The reason for such a short term was that he was caught in a prostitution ring himself. When the people of New York learned of this they demanded immediate resignation or suffer impeachment. Spitzer resigned and lost his authority.

This same authority applies to the laws of this higher being. (Not that I’m saying this higher being is acting in these terrible things or in any way saying Spitzer is like this higher being.) This higher being has law that must be followed just as Spitzer was supposed to follow the laws placed down. If this being were to break a law layed down then he would cease to be the higher being and would lose all authority because the law is in control. This being follows the laws and if he does not... he will be "impeached" by the law, for laws set in stone can not be ignored. (Such as the Law of Gravity) Spitzer lost all authority and was unable to complete those things on which he was working. If this higher being were to break a law he would lose all authority and lose his influence on this realm of existence and would be unable to add to it. (Clearly this Universe is nowhere near finished, assuming it is supposed to be finished eventually, because scientists witness knew galaxies created every day.) If this being were to lose his influence and authority over this realm, the Universe would cease to exist and there would be nothing because this higher being controls this realm as well as his own. How this being reached this point is unknown and is trivial.

"How can I believe something I don’t understand." You might ask. If that's the case, how can anyone believe a bee can fly? No one on the face of the planet understands why. Every property a bee has should be enough for it not to fly and yet it does. Every person on the planet believes and knows it does. Everyone believes that and no one understands it.

Everyday, man is participating in something he does not understand. These things which man does not usually understand tend to be part of a law set in place by something other then himself. The things he understands but don't match his fancy are turned off and forgotten about. Such as God. A man does not want to feel guilty about doing something wrong so he chooses which parts of morality that please him and dismiss the rest as nonsense. Any part of morality is not nonsense. Every part has meaning and the human race picks and chooses which to follow and which to not. This is why so many deny there is a God: People feel guilty about what they've done and find excuses for why there is no God and morality is something put on us by society. That is simply not true. God or this higher being exists and has impressed upon every soul the value of morality because it is the law that this higher being follows.
Now for everything in a nutshell. I have covered why there is another plane of existence, why there must be a higher being in everything, what would happen if this higher being were to break a law and why people dismiss God and morality.

I would love to hear from anyone about their opinion on this matter, either good or bad. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 24, 2008


C.S. Lewis wrote: "The process will be long and in parts very painful, but that is what we are in for."

C.S. Lewis knew what life was. He understood it and didn’t expect life to be anything but life. A lot of people in our lives will try and make us believe life is unfair or life is bad. If you were to look at life as a mathematic equation it would look like this:



Life=Unfair or


Life is life and there’s no way of changing it. Life is what a person makes it. People who believe the latter two equations are full of wishful thoughts. For these people, life will be hard because they make it so by their thoughts. In the end, the only place wishful thinking will get you is in the gutters. Sadness and depression will take over frequently because it’s not what was expected. This will lead you to believe Life=Unfair. This is simply not true. Do not mistake wishful thinking however for wishes and dreams. Wishful thinking is wanting something that just isn’t, where wishes and dreams are goals in which a person wishes to accomplish.

If a person wishes to be unhappy all they need to have is wishful thinking.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Money; No Country for Old Men

Today I would like to talk about a movie. "No Country for Old Men"

Well I was watching "No Country for Old Men" a week or two ago and it seemed that the Coen brothers were expressing their views on what money does to people which I completely agree with. If anyone else has seen the movie you'll probably remember the instances in which I am about to give.

Throughout the movie both the "good" guy and the "bad" guy pay their way through everything. To keep people quiet or to alert them of when someone might check in to the hotel. I paid no attention to it... Until the end. The second to last scene of the movie, the "bad" guy is involved in a car accident. It takes him a minute to recover before he gets out and stumbles to the sidewalk. Two boys on bicycles approach him. The boys asks him if he's alright and he responds with "How much for the shirt?" (This same type of question had been asked several times throughout the movie.) The boy tells him he'll give him the shirt for free. The "bad" guy takes the shirt and makes a sling. He then gives the boy the money. "You didn't see me. I left before you got to the car." He told the boys. They nodded and complied. Before the end of the scene the second boy says: "You know half that's mine right?" They then get into an arguement. The way the movie ends implies that the boys "shut their mouths" and lied to the cops because of a measley 100 dollars and the "bad" guy gets away.

Another scene like the one above happened with the "good" guy. After being injured by the "bad" guy he's walking down a street on the edge of the border when 3 men, probably in their early 20's, walk up. The "good" guy says: "I'll give you 500 for that jacket." Even though these guys can see he's injured they don't care about helping him unless he gives them the money first. After the exchange the "good" guy sees one of the guys holding a beer. "Give me the beer too." And of course the guy holding the beer says: "How much?" To me, this scene is far worse than the one above. A man injured and in need being harassed for money after giving them 500 dollars.

The entire movie was based around money. The "good" guy stumbled upon it and the "bad" guy hunts him so he can get a hold of it. As said before the "good" guy and the "bad" pay their way to, essentially, survive. The two boys made the picture clear to me. Money can control people and often does. Unfortunatley even kids can be bought off. The people that the "good" and "bad" guy ran into kept their "mouths shut" because they were paid a sum of money. The more and more I think about it, people tend to be controlled by money and the last example clearly show this.

The last example that was probably the least obvious but the most powerful. The "bad" guy stopped at a gas station in the movie. He spoke with the owner for a minute. (Really great scene just FYI.) Near the end the "bad" guy flips a coin and asks the owner to call it. Although it's not blatantly stated anywhere in the movie, you can tell that the "bad" guy is debating whether to kill the owner or not. Instead of deciding for himself he looks to the coin to answer his debate. If, whoever, called heads, and it was tails, I imagine the "bad" guy would kill the person. Thus the coin decided whether a person would live or die.

I understand that in this day and age everyone must have money to survive, but it's up to the individual person to decide if he controls his money or the money controls him.
Just thought I'd share.


Hello. I'm a bit new to this and thought I would give it a try. I posted once on myspace and I really enjoyed it but unfortunately kids my age don't like to think or are uninterested in the entire thing. Maybe I'll get better response here. :) Anyway, I'm Chase and hopefully this will work out.